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Jean  has over 26 years of professional experience as a consulting astrologer. She has a Master's of Arts in Transpersonal Studies from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology and was trained in Mundane, Psychological and Spiritual Astrology. Her services are given out a a continual love of interpersonal interaction and the awe-inspiring world of Metaphysics.

Jean is also a licensed architect with a Master's in Architecture from Arizona State University. She has worked internationally designing Resort Communities with a sustainable approach.

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Jean combines the ancient art of Astrology with the highest technological advances of practical design.  The earliest architects were also astrologers who worked in concert with the earth's alignment to the sun and stars.

A Chart reading helps you to reach your fullest potential when using the wisdom of ancient methods with the effectiveness of modern knowledge and experience.

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I got more out of a one hour reading from Jean than I did in 9 months of therapy! 
Her intuition is razor sharp! 
Jean really helped me. 
Jean is 98% accurate. 

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