A small black girl presides over an ancient story. Backed by a strong masculine figure, she takes her seat once again in readiness to participate. Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics tell the story of the feminine struggle for empowerment against electrified lines of communication. It's time to come forward for reclamation.

Sacred Space

In searching for a loving relationship, the unconscious revealed a need to find a sacred space for myself alone. The pair of eggs in the foreground are the gateway into the space. The single bed is flanked by a single egg on a pedestal. Under the bed is a pyramid for focusing the energies and revitalizing the spirit.

Eee - Oh - Aahh!

With all the intense activity of the last six cycles, the seventh brought up the need to just 'chill'. Fish abound with the coral reef to sustain them. Mother apes with their children cruise the waters, content to tend to their duties.

A man is resting on the floor of the shallow ocean waters. Ancient artifacts line the pool, signifying the creative presence that contains this event.

When undergoing the intense emotional roller coaster of inner work, making life changes can take their toll. This image is a reminder to take time out for relaxation and the enjoyment of daily life.

Sacred Hands

The fourth cycle brought out two images - this one and Bloodlet. It is a simple vision of the benevolent grace emmanating from woman's hands. There is an outflow of creative energy within the rich red field of the menstrual cycle.

She wears the serpent around her wrist. This great sexual power is channeled into creative works and blessed by the Divine.

Open Heart

A hand breaks free of ties that bind it and reaches for the lovely soft pink rose of loving better. A woman lies dead under a white shroud while a curious woman peers in through a brightly lit window.

This image evokes the suffering of a closed heart that reaches for the highest spiritual state of love and compassion. The scene of death must be encountered first before embarking on the climb up the distant mountain. Who is it that lies beneath the shroud?


​​It all came together on the fourth cycle in this image. The heavy rope carpet looks very much like a woman's body. That feeling of gravity, the heaviness of the volume of blood that presses to be released is captured. The red nipple-like shape of the blood symbolizes the nurturing, life-giving quality of the blood. All is encased in the delicate organic shapes, unfolding and releasing it's treasure.

Nude Painter

The collage of the third cycle reveals a deeper connection with the feminine and creativity. The artist is nude - vulnerable and unhidden. She is grounded in her activity while the waters flow in gentle curves all around her.

The structure in the distance is a spiritual place, with bountiful curves arising from every room. The setting is the night and graced by the light of the moon.  The entire image shows a delightful engagement of the feminine realm.

Underlying Pain

​​By the fifth cycle, the ability to listen deeply brought out a conscious recognition of anger. The struggle for creative focus in a world ruled by patriarchal culture created a deep seated pain.

The mountain lion is growling fiercely, red spiked rays emmanating from its throat. A sainted figure rests gently on its head with a sword in her right hand.

In Jungian Psychology, animals often represent the unintegrated instinctual forces of our psyche, while saints portray archetypes of the collective wisdom.

The sword is typically an instrument of truth and the mental clarity needed to see it. It is in her right hand of action and she seems to be saying: Speak out, I will be with you.

Staying Afloat

The very first month brought this image to the surface. The young boy is bravely holding his own while the serpent begs to enter his boat.

The serpent has long been a symbol for the power of woman's sexuality, while the ocean is said to represent the emotions and the unconcious.

This first entry into accessing the unconscious was difficult and revealed an unintegrated aspect of the psyche. The feminine was approaching the masculine, however, there was an imbalance - it was rocking the boat!

Fish Ride

The second cycle brought progress. The action was taking place deep in the dark waters of the unconscious. There is a greater willingness to embrace the emotional realm relative to the action of the last cycle which was on top of the waters. A somewhat more mature androgenous figure replaces the small boy of the last cycle.

This figure is tentatively balancing on the vulva-like shape of a fish mouth. It's gils port the lively red color of menstrual blood. The denegrating concepts (smelly fish) of woman's genitals are still a part of the psyche and need to be spoken to.

Women's Circle

Following the release of grief during the fifth cycle, the need arose to connect with women who share the desire for reclaiming the life that is our natural right. The floor mandala contains a map of the world expanding outward. It is surrounded by stones. Small tufts of flowers are managing to grow amidst hardened earth. The serpent makes its way through the circle while the divine symbol of feminine community rests above.

Flowers bring the presence of opening, culmination, and receptivity. They help to soften the ancient forms and add color and life.

"One courageous act will resound 
throughout the universe, 
giving permission to be a woman 
in relationship to the Divine."   JT

The setting is a mausoleum. A great red rose rests on a coffin while female saints urge the timid girl to leave her bucket and take the stairs up and out to the light. Once the deadend connection to the feminine power is awakened and brought to life, there comes a period of fear. To go out into the world and embrace a new life takes courage. This image shows both the fear and the encouragement of collective widsom and spirit.


High above the clouds an egg is perched before an entrance. The entrance is flanked by two serpentine heads which guard a sparklling diamond. Beside the edifice are two empty chairs - a green light glows at the chest level of each chair.

Mythical journeys are classically begun as a descent into the underworld. The entrance is usually flanked by two guards who test the hero/heroine before she is allowed to enter.

These chairs are empty but for the glowing green light which, for me, signifies the heart chakra. The two serpentine heads are very Kundalini-esque and they guard the diamond eye of clear sight or wisdom of the 6th chakra.

It looks as if whatever the egg is hatching has to descend as soon as it is born.