Background Information

These series of images were made as part of the Mentrual Practice. Because the menses is known as a time when the veil between the conscious and the unconscious is the thinnest - making collages tapped into the individual unconscious and brought forth images that were often prophetic.

The first six images are indicative of the process of integrating the feminine and bringing her to consciousness. As I worked with the information that emerged, the changing nature of the next image revealed an evolution. The manner in which the collages were made effected the outcome. The more I set aside my rational/logical mind and relied solely on a sort of emotional 'charge' - the stronger the image.

The Collage Process

The first step is to set up a ritual space with meditative music. Watching my breath, I sink into a relaxed state. When all distractions melt away, I begin to flip through magazines. Choosing the images is based upon an emotinal reaction - if I really like an image (or really dislike one) I rip it out carefully. My canvas is a sheet of black paper about 17x14 inches.

Next I begin to cut out just the parts of the image that I responded to. Perhaps it is simply the shimmering blue fold of a dress or the curving neck of a penguin for which I am touched. The images must be placed upon a relatively small canvas and the process of elimination begins. I reache for the selection that I feel strongest about (good or bad) and set it aside. Each time I scan the images for the strongest reaction until I get a small grouping.

The next step is to begin to place the selections: This is done by holding the selection over a particular part of the canvas that intuitively feels right. The only way I can describe intuitive process to those who don't understand is that something 'clicks'. Sometime there is a sense of weight, sometimes of heat, but mostly it is like you feel when the golf ball goes into the hole. The image just gravitates to it's rightful place on the page. This intuitive process is very important to maintain for it is the key to opening the channel to the unconscious and allowing the image to emerge. Often the mind wants to step in, egged on by the ego. When this happens (if you catch it), simply return to the breath and the relaxed state.

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