Full Flow is time when you have full on bleeding.  Your body still calls for quiet time but most of the tension has been relieved.  Gentle free-form dancing  with pelvic movements is helpful if you are inclined.

Ovulation is mid-way through your cycle.  This is the full moon phase and generally a social time.  Just taking a few minutes to be aware of whether or not the seeds of menses have manifested in your life can be of good use when the next cycle begins.

Pre-Menses is the day or two right before you start your period.  Most women have some type of symptoms leading up to the menses.  This is when your body gives you clues for what needs your attention in order to thrive.  Do you feel PMS coming on?  If so, it means there are deeper emotions being tucked away in your body.   If you can catch it hours before you start to bleed, it is the most powerful time for self reflection and accessing the unconscious.