The Method 

The Basic Practice consists of attuning to the menstrual cycle and the Full Practice adds the Creative Ritual for accessing vision. It is heartily recommended that the essay be read before beginning the practice.

Lunar Phase Card 
Art Materials (see below)


Buy a Lunar Phase Card ($2.95) and begin to track your menses. Simply fill in the moon with a red felt pen on the days of bleeding. This will provide a graphic representation of your natural rythm and its relationship to the moon.

Set aside at least twenty minutes three times a month to sit quietly and pay attention to your body just as it is. These three times are: The Menses,Ovulation, and Pre-Menses. Take stock of your emotions, sexual energy, creativity, social desire and physical well-being. Observe your body, your feelings, your mind and your spirit exactly as it is.

Write down what you 'hear' and what it means to you. Add any insights you may have gained from the experience. Listening, really listening to your body and its wisdom is not an easy thing to do. Many distractions will come up at first. Take it easy on yourself, whatever happens is 'right'.

You might want to create an area free from distractions (unplug the phone). It helps to set things in a way that is special. Place a picture, flowers or mark the space in a way that separates it from your daily living. You may also want to rock your pelvic area gently before sitting. Take a few deep breaths and relax. Slowly, gently. Get comfortable and turn your attention inward.

The nature of this process is evolutionary. One cycle passes into the next, bringing with it the material from the month before. Only good things can come from finding yourself closer and closer to your experience of being a woman.


The Full Practice:

When you are ready to develop the potential of your experience you can begin the Ritual of accessing the unconscious through creative expression. Find a means that is easy and natural. Whatever you do is perfectly wonderful; It is the ACT of allowing the material to come into form that is most important.

After quietly listening to your body, put on some meditative music and begin some form of creative ritual. Collage worked best for me. Listed below are other suggestions for accesing the lunar information.

See the background information on the Art page for the Collage Method.

1. Refrigerator Poem Magnets
(for those more comfortable with words)

Using the same intuitive technique for the collage, powerful poems can emmerge. I don't have a link for these but you can find them in most gift stores.

2. Nature Art (for those more comfortable with objects)

Go for a walk in nature. Gather things that you respond to emotionally. Put them together in an arrangement on an altar or table top for the month. Appreciate your creation and let it speak to you.

3. Dance (for those more comfortable with movement)

Think of the movement of a snake and let your body imitate it's rhythmic motions. Pay attention to the places in your body that don't want to move easily. Observe and changes as a result of movement. When you are 'one with the snake', begin to play with your movements. Follow your body.

4. Song (for those more comfortablewith voicing)

Stretch and relax. Sit quietly and ask for your creative voice. Play with sounds and feel them reverberate in your body. Let them arise and fall naturally.


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