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You'll find information on these issues, images for inspiration along with directions for following the Menstrual Practice.

The Menstrual Practice is a simple ritual for women based on ancient matriarchal culture. It can lead women to so many things: a greater sense of well-being, a renewal of creative energy, a profound connection with the Divine, along with the delightful side effect of curing PMS. (Hey, it cured mine!). The concepts and the study pertaining to this practice contain invaluable information. Feel free to copy any of the material, just site the author/URL when passing it on to others.

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The Menstrual Practice

This practice evolved from one woman's struggle with connecting to her own creative source and the means to maintaining that connection. The struggle led to accessing ancient practices and combining them with modern techniques. Finding a means for allowing the unconscious to surface was an important part of the process.

The method is based on getting in touch with and aligning oneself to the rhythm of the Menstrual Cycle. The foundation of attuning to the basic cycles of women's nature and her embodied wisdom leads to developing an intimacy with our own creative cycles as well.

Women have been menstruating since the beginning of time. It was part of our lives before there were words, before there were tools, before we understood the part it played in procreation. The first women made the correlation between their menstrual cycle and the moon. There is evidence that they usually bled at the same time and gathered together for song, dance, weaving and ritual.

The Yurok population of Northern California honored the Moontime by caring for the normal daily tasks while the menstruating women retreated into solitude to access wisdom and vision. For them, the menses was a powerful positive experience and a necessary and valuable part of tribal life. Women's strength was found by going inside herself at this time, feeling all of her body exactly as it is and paying attention. The wisdom she gathered during this retreat was used by the families to guide their lives.

Although most of us can't place ourselves in a menstrual hut for a week, we can take 30 minutes to honor and ritualize the essential feminine connection to creation: our menstrual cycle. It is our responsibility to ourselves, our families and our communities to bring vision, and a personal connection to the creative force, into our lives. 

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