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Astrocartography is a world map of our birthtime showing where each planet is at it’s most powerful influence. We can use this map to determine best places to live or visit for Love, Career, and Personal Health.

One hour consultation: $95
Includes World Map emailed to you
Add't cities @ $25

Charts and a Movie

In-depth comparison and compatibility reading, clarifying the needs of each individual within the relationship and highlighting the areas of life influenced by each other.

One hour consultation: $95
Chart emailed to you

In addition, an analysis of the ‘Composite’ energy of both people, revealing how you operate as a unit. Identifications and similar dynamics are included in this 90 minute consultation.

90 min.consultation: $145
Composite Chart emailed to you

Discover the inner forces at work which create your destiny.  A chart reading gives us confirmation validation and a vision for our highest potential.

One hour consultation: $95
Chart emailed to you

 Used for particular issues or follow-up readings. Moon Hutch mentoring available as a 6 mo.package.

45 minutes: $75

Peronalized Options
Moon Hutch - a method for reclaiming creative life